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August 21, 2020  

Money Stories: Teaching Teens About Money With Spiritual Cents

We’re excited to announce our Bible study for teens-Spiritual Cents!

When writing this study, we wanted to make sure it would resonate with teens. To help us with, we brought in a consultant: a 13 year old named Bryan.  In this week’s episode of Money Stories, we talk to Bryan about teens and money. He talks about what he learned by working on this project and why he thinks adults need to have money conversation with the teens in their lives. (Full disclosure-Bryan is Caitlyn’s son!) Bryan also takes over the interview and asks Caitlyn and Diana questions about money. No money topic is off limits!

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August 19, 2020  
August 14, 2020  

Money Stories: Introducing the Newest Member of the Compass Catholic Team -Jenny Ibarra

Join us in welcoming Jenny Ibarra to our Compass Catholic Team! Jenny just joined us as our new office manager and we're thrilled to have her. At Compass Catholic, we believe personal finance is more than just dollars and cents. How we spend our money is a reflection of our values. Jenny shares her personal money story about how a decision she and her husband made four years ago enabled her to join our team.
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August 12, 2020  
August 7, 2020  

Money Stories: Catholic Bloggers and a Bible Study Part 2

In last week's episode, we spoke to two Catholic bloggers (and their spouses) who participated in a Faith & Money Matters Bible Study. In this week's episode, we're speaking to the two other bloggers who participated in the same study. Amanda Costello ( and Carrie Soukup ( and author of Collections of Grace) join us to talk about their experiences and how Faith & Money Matters affected their perspective of money. 

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August 5, 2020  

Dealing With a Mountain of Debt

Playing with debt is like playing with matches. You think you’ll be able to blow the match out when the flame gets too close to your fingers. But how many times have you burned yourself?


If you get a sick sinking feeling when you think about the amount of debt you have, you may be worried that you’ll never be able to dig your way out. And unless you get serious about paying it off, you’re right.


Tune and be sure to check out the Compass Catholic blog for more ideas on motivating yourself to get out of debt.

July 31, 2020  

Money Stories: Catholic Bloggers and a Bible Study

What happens when you put a small group of Catholic bloggers together and have them talk about money? You'll find out in this week's episode of Money Stories! 

Katie and Cullen Sheppard facilitated a Faith & Money Matters Bible Study for a group of pre-selected Catholic bloggers and their spouses. Victoria and Jason Sechrist ( and Katie and Joel Cassidy ( discuss their experience with Faith & Money Matters and how their small group bonded over the course of the six week study. Who knew friendships could be formed by talking about money and stewardship?


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July 29, 2020  

Learning to be Content

We aren’t born being content and it seems that our culture tries to make us more and more discontent as we grow older. How many commercials are disguised as TV shows and movies targeting the youngsters in our life to get the stuff they are selling? And keeping up with the neighbors can be a lifetime pursuit for some adults.


Learning the secret of contentment can free you from all the pressure to spend money in an effort to acquire more and more stuff. Being content is a conscious learned habit!


The Compass Catholic Blog has more on learning the virtue of contentment.

July 24, 2020  

The Effect of Student Loan Debt on Vocations Part 5 with Sister Ignatia Henneberry

Sister Ignatia Henneberry, with the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration, had student loan debt when she started discerning religious life. She had faith that her debt would not be a barrier. Due to the generosity of others, including her grandmother and the Mater Ecclesiae Fund for Vocations, Sister Ignatia was right. 

Sister Ignatia recently took over the role of Vocations Director with the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration. She's new to her role but she's not naive as to how student loans debt will affect the ability of other young women to say "yes" to their vocation. We were so blessed to have Sister Ignatia share her story as we wrap up this series on student loan debt. 

We challenge you to share at least one of these episodes on the effect of student loan on vocations with a friend or on social media.


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July 22, 2020  

8 Steps to Get Out of Debt

Getting out of debt can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start or what to do first. Get started by using our tips for eight steps to get out of debt.


It can be a long-term goal and it is not easy, but the effort and time is well worth the blessing that comes from being debt free.


The Compass Catholic blog has more ideas about taking the first step in freeing yourself from the bondage of debt.

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