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October 21, 2020  

Dating and Student Loan Debt

With so many people graduating with student loan debt, chances are you or someone you date will be dealing with a debt load. The question is: Is student loan debt a dealbreaker? Caitlyn and Diana tackle this topic in today's episode and provide some helpful tips for those who are juggling a dating life with student loan debt.

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October 14, 2020  

Picking a Charity to Support with Brice Sokolowski

Brice Sokolowski (author of Alms, Your Definitive Guide to the In’s and Out’s of Catholic Fundraising) joins Caitlyn and Diana to discuss how to determine if the charity you want to support is a worthwhile cause and will put your money to good use. No one want to see their hard earned money squandered. Brice gives some practical tips so you can make sure your money is used well.

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To learn more about the LePanto Institute, visit


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October 7, 2020  

Getting Back on the Budgeting Bandwagon

There has been very little rhyme or reason for the past several months. It’s easy during times like these to let our budgets fall to the wayside. But now it's time to start flexing those budgeting muscles and get back to it! In this week’s episode, Caitlyn and Diana share some tips and tricks to get back on that budgeting bandwagon. To see where you are at on the Compass Catholic Money Map, go to:

Go to for tools and tips to help you develop a spending plan!



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