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Tackle Your Taxes

Tackle Your Taxes

February 19, 2020

Filing your tax return is a once-a-year event but paying attention to your taxes all year could easily save you thousands of dollars.

The goal is to be tax neutral–not paying too much or too little. The Compass blog has more on what to consider in adjusting your W-4 so you can come out as close as possible to that net zero goal.

Our guest on this podcast is Matt Marcoux, CFP and co-founder of CandorPath Financial.

Lessons from a Financial Train Wreck

Lessons from a Financial Train Wreck

February 17, 2020

The website features interesting people telling their financial life stories in their own words.

While many of the stories are uplifting as people have gotten their finances straightened out, many of the stories are so sad as the people have gotten themselves in to terrible financial situations.

This is the story of one couple who did just about everything wrong in their finances. AND they continue to make the same mistakes.

Here’s their story and suggestions about how we at Compass Catholic can help people recover from these same mistakes.

Marriage and Money Matters

Marriage and Money Matters

February 12, 2020

Money can ruin a marriage or make it stronger. Couples who are opposites when it comes to money can be in never ending conflict unless they find a way to work together.

Surveys show that couples who talk about money, share financial goals and make joint financial decisions report happier marriages than those who don’t.

The Compass Catholic blog and podcast this week are about why it is so important for couples to work together to manage money in their marriage.

How to Complain Effectively

How to Complain Effectively

February 5, 2020

No matter how careful you are when buying goods or services, you may run into problems and when that happens, here are tips on how to get your complaint heard and resolved:

  • Be very clear about the problem
  • Define the resolution you expect
  • Mention the company’s reputation
  • Follow the complaint process if there is one
  • Complain using e-mail, or in person, rather than phoning
  • Keep track of the details
  • Use social media
  • If you don’t get the response you want, say so
  • Take it to the next level

The Compass Catholic blog has more details about how to complain and get the resolution you want.

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