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July 25, 2018  

Retiring? What will you do with your 401K?

Planning for retirement can be a fun time as you prepare for a new season of life. It can also be a time of many financial decisions which will have long term impacts. Making the wrong decision about your 401K can jeopardize your financial stability, so make this decision very carefully with lots of pre-planning.

Join us as we talk about the decisions to consider.

The Compass Catholic blog has additional information about retirement planning.

July 18, 2018  

Thinking About Investing? Start Here!

If you are a beginning investor, there are lots of considerations to put into your plan. What is your long term goal? What is your time frame? How much risk are you willing to accept? What type of investments do you want to own (or NOT own)? Join us as we talk about the decisions to consider.

The Compass Catholic blog provides additional information about developing your investment strategy.

July 11, 2018  

Apps are a Great Tool for Beginning Investors

Are you just beginning to think about the future and start an investment strategy? If so, apps are a great way to start on a small and simple scale and we’ve found two apps to get you started.

The Compass Catholic blog has more about a beginning investment strategy, including what you should have in place before investing. The sooner you get started, the more your money will grow over time.

July 4, 2018  

My Budget is Leaking, How do I Fix it?

Do you find that you run out of money before the end of the month? Your problem may be budget leaks–those items that just make money trickle out before you know it. Join us for ideas about finding those budget leaks so you can fix them.

The Compass Catholic blog has more about how money can escape from holes in your budget.

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