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April 25, 2018  

10 Ways to Save for Your Summer Vacation

Now is the time to plan for vacation so you don’t come home from a great vacation only to face a ton of debt.

This podcast will give you 10 tips on saving for your summer vacation.  Even God rested on the 7thday and we too need to rest and relax away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, but it’s important to do that without driving yourself into debt.

Listen in and check out our blog to learn more about ways to save for a debt free vacation.

April 18, 2018  

What is Your Stock Market Mentality?

Following the stock market can drive you crazy if you take it too seriously. We are called to be good stewards of all the blessings God has bestowed upon us. And being a good steward means handling our time, talent and treasure in a God honoring way and it also means putting our material wealth into the proper perspective.

Know what is happening in the stock market, but don’t obsess over it. Realize that God owns everything and he is in control—not you!

Listen in and check out our blog to learn more about a spiritual viewpoint of the stock market.

April 11, 2018  

Great Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

Are you getting a big chunk of change back from Uncle Sam for your 2017 tax return?  Your goal in 2018 should be to be tax neutral—not owing too much and not getting too much back. Listen in for ideas about how to do that. If you are getting a refund this year, we also have ideas for how you can us it productively.

Check out our blog for more about using your tax refund.

April 4, 2018  

Millennial Money Matters

Student loan debt, a challenging job market, and lack of savings can all mean a dismal financial future for millennials, but there's good news and bad news.

The National Institute for Retirement Security reports that 45% of millennials do not meet the eligibility requirements to participate in an employer sponsored retirement plan.

At the same time, they are much better at staying out of credit card debt than preceding generations according to a survey.

Listen in and check out our blog to learn more about millennials and money matters.

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