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What is Socially Responsible Investing?


Have you ever considered socially responsible investing which balances a high return with investing in companies and businesses whose products and services are aligned with our Catholic faith?

The reason we invest and save is to maximize our return on the investments we make.  But we can unknowingly invest in companies that harm our society, and which are contrary to our faith.

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Understanding the difference between SAVING and INVESTING


Saving and investing are similar but different.  Everybody should be saving AND investing no matter what your income level. Saving helps you build an emergency fund for those unexpected expenses and meet short term goals. Investing helps you work toward long term future goals, such as funding a college account for your children or having enough money to retire.

Both are necessary for a well-balanced financial future.

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Navigating Your Finances God’s Way



Most people, religious or not, don’t fully recognize all that God has to say about how to handle money and possessions. Everything we need to know about how to spend, save, give and manage money can be found in over 2500 verses in the Bible. Discover true financial freedom!

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